March 2007

Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

Guidelines for Contributors

The Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (JHDHS) is an online, peer-reviewed scholarly publication of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network, a global network of academicians and practitioners who wish to promote a world of more dignity and less humiliation. HumanDHS network members study the dynamics of humiliation, the antecedents and consequences of humiliating behaviors, and interventions to break cycles of humiliation and restore human dignity, believing that this can lead to a resolution of previously intractable conflicts. JHDHS has its electronic base at the University for Peace, Costa Rica, and provides a venue for sharing this research and a forum to define the developing field of humiliation studies, theoretically and in practice. The journal supports a variety of integrative methodologies, including but not exclusive to scientific quantitative and qualitative analysis, photography, poetry, etc.

Call for Papers

The Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies maintains a rolling deadline and seeks submissions on topics such as:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research on the phenomenon of humiliation in its embeddedness into other notions, such as, for example, honor and dignity, and into historic transformations and socio-political structures
  • Theory-building with respect to humiliation and its differentiation from related concepts such as shame or humility
  • Case examples of "promising practices" illustrating effective efforts to promote human dignity and transform humiliation

The following areas of research touch upon humiliation. The topics below are listed as possible suggestions and should not be considered inclusive.

  • Migration
  • Globalization
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Human Rights
  • History and Conflict
  • Cycles of Violence
  • Gender Issues
  • Public Policy Planning

We invite submissions of articles in all areas related to Human Dignity and Humiliation. Articles from all disciplines are welcome; please keep in mind that our readers our multi-disciplinary, practitioners and researchers and aim your language to this audience. We are also very interested in reports of ongoing projects that promote human dignity, pieces of international interest, personal scholarship, and perspectives that represent new and novel ways to foster human dignity.

  • Send two copies of the article via email as an attachment. One copy should have full identifying markers, the second copy should be set up for blind review—no author’s name, work location, etc.
  • Article should be approximately 20-30 pages, doubled spaced
  • Parenthetical notes and complete reference page formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Send any figures, images, or tables in separate files.
  • Send article as either Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.

Send to:

Victoria Fontan, Co-Editor
Amy C. Hudnall, Co-Editor

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